Best Aerial Yoga Hammock Reviews

29May 2017

best aerial anti gravity yoga hammock reviews

Best Aerial Yoga Hammock Reviews And Info 2017

Hey and welcome.

Are you looking for an Aerial, sometimes called, anti gravity Yoga hammock?

Brilliant. Then you are in exactly the right place.

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There’s lots of misinformation being bandied about these fab lil slings so very quickly lets check out exactly what we talking about, via some FAQ’s.

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What is a Yoga hammock?

That’s a good question and one that deserves an answer.

This type of suspension device is designed to help people practice and develop their skills in Yoga. (Wow, thanks for that Sherlock!)

Essentially, it is a tool, generally made of fabric, that helps people correctly position their body posture thereby allowing for a fuller range of Yoga position and movements whilst providing a physically and spiritually comfortable experience.

In many cases it can lead to a deeper understanding and awareness of your internal environment and the needs of your physical, mental and spiritual (your Agni and Atma).

What are the benefits of using a Yoga Hammock?

The benefits of using one of these devices is that they take tensile strain and stress off the physical body. This is important factor for both beginner practitioners and for a more advanced practitioners. One of these Yoga slings helps us to better channel energy through our Chakra’s which help to maintain and improve both our physical and physic bodies.

How do I use a Yoga hammock?

Well, you could just hang out in it and enjoy the sensation (which is pretty cool and relaxing without doing any Yoga), but to get the max out of the hammock you are probably best in using it for specific postures, Asana, such as the laid back cross, cross chair, shoulder stretch and the star inversion to name just a few.

But how do you use one???
The hands on, or very often, bottoms on usage of one of these devices is simplicity itself.

Just hang it somewhere and jump on board. Remember your first swing memories as a child? That is pretty much how you use one of these fab lil thangs! (Think of them as being your physical 5th limb). Although with much less swinging and more Pranayama and contemplated awareness. (Think like a spiritual child breathing in your first conscious and then sub conscious Prana).

The hardest part is deciding just where are you going to hang your hammock. Incidentally, they do not need to be permanently hung in one place and can be moved and stored when not in use so that you don’t have redundant space in your environment.

And for the more adventurous and less self-conscious they are great to use outside in order to be closer to nature and really develop and reawaken five known sensors and the senses that we know that we have, just haven’t got a label for them yet.

Yoga in nature allows us to better tune into the universal mantra (Aum) and the sound of the whole universe which is an absolutely amazing feeling of oneness and complete acceptance.

Where can i buy a Yoga hammock/ sling?

If you have a specialist Yoga store that is local then sometimes you will find that they stock a range of slings, although a limited range.

The best place to buy one though is from a reputable online retailer.

This gives you a wide range of choice and also all of the benefits of convenience, price competitiveness and delivery right to your door.

How much does a Yoga hammock cost?

You can expect to pay anything from around $40 all the way through see you maybe $200. However, anything more than that then be careful as you may be paying over the odds.

Go for quality though as a well made item will last many many many years and help you on your journey to become the Yogi practitioner that universe desires you to be and fulfill your own Dharma.

As with all things tho, be careful in spending too little as you will get what you pay for and will probably not be best pleased with your purchase decision not too far down your Aerial Yogi journey.

What’s the difference between an Aerial Vs Anti gravity Yoga hammock?

There is no difference between the two in terms of uses and overall application.

Aerial refers to the practice of using a sling type device to take the weight off the physical body and also to take the weight, metaphorically, off the spiritual, emotional and mental “body, the Atman.

Anti Gravity refers to the specific type and postures used.


Are these hammocks or slings worth having and using?

I would say yes, but they are not for everyone.

If you are truly interested and serious about your Yoga journey and want to find inner peace without some of the physical stress and, ekk, pain that can go along with conventional postures and poses via a Yoga mat then go for it. If not stick with a decent mat and above all take your own path to Moksha.

Peace and love 🙂

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