Top 10 Best Affordable Baby Monitor Reviews

What Are The Best And Most Affordable Baby Monitor For 2017?

Let’s find out…..

Ahh bless em.

Lying their all cute, cuddly and angelic 🙂

Beautiful and mesmerizing to watch them sleep.

And it’s fab to watch over them as they sleep, makes you feel all protective and, well parenty, but it’s not something you can do for hours and hours….we have busy lives and stuff to do!

Now, if only someone had invented devices that would watch over our kids whilst they slept and give us parents a shout should we be needed to help with out young ‘uns.

Oh hang on they have, there called baby monitors and boy have they come on since they first made an appearance.

How to Setup Smart Baby Monitor

The first baby monitors were really just a small intercom you hung by your baby’s crib so you would know if they started crying.

But with the Advances in design and technology they have improved and the monitors that we can buy today would not look out of place in Star Trek’s parental suites or, alternatively, the most modern and high-tech of homes.

Baby Monitors are used by millions space and millions of families every day to help watch over their Kiddies whether they are newborns Or older babies.

Virtually all the baby monitors that you can buy today have a host of features including sound, vision and motion sensors. The more sophisticated units also had are Wi-Fi enabled and allow two-way dialogue,, so you can chat your baby to calm them down should the need arise. How cool is that?

Well that being said, let’s have a look at what we should be looking at when way about to choose a baby monitor.

What are some of the features I should look for in a Baby Monitor? Well I’m glad you asked…..

1. Whether it has one receiver or two or more is one feature to consider. Having more than one receiver for the Baby Monitor, means you don’t have to carry it from room to room with you. You can have one receiver for the baby monitor in your bedroom, one in the kitchen, one in the bathroom, and so on. This is a really cool function, it’s also really handy if you like me you tend to lose stuff on a semi regular basis. it’s no good having a baby monitor if you can’t find a receiver, but got several then at least it gives you a little bit of time to find the missing one or two (sorry sweetie) monitors that are lurking around your home. If this sounds a bit like you then have look here for our best multi camera baby monitor

2. Is the receiver for the Baby Monitor battery operated or electric? Baby Monitors that run on batteries should also have an AC Adapter. If the batteries go dead, a nice feature is one that alarms you to that fact. Otherwise, you will just think the baby is being quiet, when in reality, you are no longer monitoring the baby.Oh this is a biggie. I just wouldn’t feel right if my monitor only had one power source. I’m a little strange that way, and kiddies are the most important things in my world so to have a backup system is always good my opinion.

3. Another option to having more than one receiver is to get a Baby Monitor with a belt clip, so that you won’t forget it when you go from room to room.This is easy to overlook, but when looking at a baby monitor just be sure and check whether the receiver is completed carry around. Does have a belt hook? Does have a carry handle? Does have a strap? all of these things make life easier.

4. The receiver should be portable and lightweight. LOL, kind that goes without saying but yet this should be nice and portable.

5. How far will you be away from the baby? Will just be in the next room, will be two wins away, whilst the baby sleeps with you be doing stuff outside? think about this, and get a baby monitor that has an adequate range for your needs. The range of the monitor is also important. Some have only a range of 100 feet, while other Baby Monitors have a range of over 400 feet. If you will be a little distance away from baby then have a quick look at our reviews of baby monitors with best range.

6. If it has more than one channel, then there should be an easy way to change channels and the volume control feature on most Baby Monitors is essential. The channel thing is important, because of one channel has lots of interference then it’s just switch to another channel which will hopefully be a lot clearer (think like a radio tuner).

8. Surface mounting options for your Baby Monitor are important as well. The ability to mount it in more than one way should be included. Clips, suction cups, and other mounting options make using your Baby Monitor easy.

9. Will you be needing more than one camera? If you are monitoring the baby at play, then multi camera’s might be just the job…we have located some resources that might be of use here best two camera baby monitor

So there are our nine easy steps to consider when choosing a baby monitor.

Hope they help and give you an junior lots are peaceful, restful and safe happy sleep times.

Lala and later guys


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